Brantano 3


Like a walk in the park

  • Campaign
  • Art Direction
  • Fashion
  • Graphic Design
  • Rebranding
  • 2017—2020

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Logo oud
Logo uitleg B

‘Like a walk in the park’,

Olmo Peeters BRANTANO 02 HR 5

Our goal was to bring a new identity to life while assuring continuity.

Stan Verstraete Project Manager

Styling & Photography

[{"col1":"Styling & Photography","col2":"Dare to dream, dare to change… and changing is what Brantano does! Brantano transformed from a shoe retailer to a fashion store, both for families and youngsters. Different store concepts target at different clients, combined with a 360° online experience and styling service."}]

Hellow me B
17 L3 A6596 Thomas Dhanens

"The colors and shapes refer to the elements of a park: earth, sky, water. They reflect a playful and innovative Brantano."

Isabelle Vermast Art Director

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