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MAfestival Brugge

Contemporary look for an innovative early music festival

  • Campaign
  • Graphic Design
  • Book Design
  • Culture
  • 2014—2019

We met the reputed early music festival in their search for a contemporary visual identity. The brand got a refreshing makeover with respect for the tradition. The different parts of the festival were given a sub logo, which can be used in a modular way.

Every year, the theme of the concert series is linked to a contemporary campaign.

MA mix

For MAfestival 2019, dedicated to God, man & machine, we brainstormed about the relationship between machines and images. By changing their digital code, we created new surprising images.

MA mix2
Exmachina Cata

Under the title Cherchez la Femme, MAfestival searched for women's voices in music. For the campaign, we collaborated with the young photographer Tysje Severens.

MA 2018 banner
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Inspired by La Divina Commedia, a mysterious overall campaign image was chosen. Gustave Doré's etchings were given an obtrusive place in the festival catalogue.

MA 2017 banner

Young painter Elise De Brock's work played an important role for the MAfestival 2016 campaign, focusing on In Praise of Folly.

Lof Der zotheid LOW

For the first collaboration with MAfestival Brugge, we worked on Omnia Vanitas. A bold image was chosen by reputed photographer Athos Burez. The striking campaign was picked up widely.

Schermafbeelding 2019 11 08 om 11 20 29

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