Brantano Campaign
Campaign / Art direction

Dare to dream, dare to change... and changing is what brantano does!

Brantano transformed from a shoe retailer into a fashion store, both for families and youngsters. Different store concepts target at different clients, combined with a 360° online experience and styling service. 

Campaign photography by Thomas Dhanens
Spreading a message is one thing, capturing a new look & feel requires some creativity and grit.

With this catchy TVC we really wanted to reflect Brantano’s ambition to grow. We chose to demonstrate how the brand is today and give an idea of what it could become in the future. Also, we wanted to inspire people to grow with Brantano, to join the dream, to change along!”

Written and directed by Yahya Terryn, d.o.p. Sander Vandenbroucke, production by Vagebond

Change is the key message in the campaign,
an invitation to join our dream.

Behind the scenes of the shoot

Making-of by Bram Kempynck

Canjotto Communication