Rebranding / Art direction / Strategy

2016 – 2019
In 2016, FNG group approached us to help transform Brantano from a traditional brick & mortar shoe retailer into a trendy cross-channel fashion retailer.

Their main goal was simple: to lift Brantano to a higher level and to reposition it as a distinct and celebrated label that offers high quality shoes ànd fashion.

The seemingly simple request quickly proved to be quite a challenge as the iconic widely known brand was in need of a total make-over, both graphically and strategically. A completely new story had to be written!

In close collaboration with the client, canjotto connected the already existing brand characteristics with its new vision and ambition and virtually translated it into new content, visuals and off-/ and online applications. 

We designed a more transparent visual identity, remodelled the stores, provided a graphic styleguide and ensured a proficient digital experience.

“Our goal was to bring Brantano’s new identity to life while assuring continuity”

Together we redefined the brand promise: “Brantano, like a walk in the park”, with which we aspired to reflect the new Brantano-experience.

The brand wanted to create on- and offline spaces where both families and youngsters could go to relax, find inspiration and meet other people.

“It was important to combine the new look with a whole new experience.” Isabelle, creative director

With regard to the interior design of the stores, we joined hands with a team of architects to create a more colourful and playful yet still very stylish and structured space.

On its way to becoming a distinct fashion brand, Brantano Boutik introduced another new chapter in the Brantano story, offering highly praised brands and fashionable looks. This new store was designed to appeal to a relatively new target group: more brand-oriented, customers with an eye for fashion.

With regard to the interior design of the store, we joined hands with a team of architects to create a more colourful yet still very stylish and structured space.
 — The personal styling service

And the change continued.

Besides new stores, Brantano also introduced a personal styling service obtainable both online and in store. To illustrate how this new service worked, we collaborated with a creative team and recorded a cool and playful clip that explains the whole process.
For Hellow me – Personal styling by brantano, we also created a fitting typography and visual identity.


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